Each Fall, Starlight’s Youth Theatre hosts focused age based classes designed to enhance the acting skills of children starting as young as Kindergarten and going to Seniors in High School.

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Storybook Theatre – Grades K-1st

Storybook Theater is a perfect way to introduce the young actor to the magical world of
theater. Actors will begin work on imagination as they play games, role play characters, act
out emotions and expressions all while creating wonderful characters from their favorite
stories. On the last day of class, we will present and original adaptation of of Where the Wild Things Are.
Saturdays – 9:00-9:45, Tuition $75 Beginning Sept. 8 – till Presentation on Nov. 3 Directed by
Sara Holmes

Actor’s Tool Box – Grades 2 nd -3rd

Once the student actor has some experience on stage, they need to fill their tool box with
skills such as how to develop a character, including how that character walks, talks, thinks
and feels. During classes students will use these tools to devise and perform in their original
adaption of  “Pinocchio”

Saturdays- 9:00-9:50, tuition – $145 Beginning Sept 8- till show Nov. 3 Directed by Cyn Strycharz

Lights Up Grades – Grades 4-5 th

With a focus on the performance they will learn about timing, pace and finding moments
within the play as they use these new skills to create their original adaption of
“Alice in Wonderland”.

Saturdays-10:00- 11:00, tuition $145 – Beginning Sept. 8- till show Nov. 10 Directed by Cyn Strycharz


Play Production– Grades 6-7 th

This class will focus on character development and the decisions the actor makes to bring
this character to life.  The cast will be involved in multiple areas of the production such as
costumes, props and set design and painting.   They will be presenting “Robin Hood”,
Saturdays 10:30-11:30, tuition $145 – Beginning Sept. 8- till show Nov 10 Directed by Liam Bertrand

Act Two – Grades 8-9

Moving beyond character development student actors will explore how to act and react on
stage and work collaboratively with their ensemble. They will present the classical favorite
“A Christmas Carol”

Saturdays 11:00-12:00, tuition $145 – Beginning Sept 8- show Dec. 1 Directed by Cyn Strycharz

Fifth Beat Grades 10-12

The fifth beat is an opportunity for the student actor to internalize their character work and
now breathe new life and energy into their character as they bring it alive on stage. This is
an advanced Acting Class that will be performing Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Saturdays 12:00-1:15, tuition $150 – Beginning Sept. 8 till show December 15th, 7pm – Directed by Cyn Strycharz


Playacting – Grades 1-2

This is a beginning class that focuses on building imagination. This class, using theater
games and improvisational scenes, allows the young actor to explore and expand their

3:45- 4:30 Beginning Sept 10-Nov 5, Tuition $75 – Directed by Cyn Strycharz


Act One – Grades 3-6

Students will explore improvisation, stage movement and the physicality of their characters.
Using skits and you finish scenes this class will focus on identifying and strengthening their
acting skills. They will present their adaption of “The Wizard of Oz” (nonmusical).

4:30-5:30, Sept 10- Show on Nov 12, Tuition $145 – Directed by Cyn Strycharz

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