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Musical Theatre Class- Grades 5-6

This class will help teach the students how to prepare for a musical audition, what music should they select and how to express the meaning in their piece.  They will learn about presentational theater that acknowledges the audience through language, movement and signs that shows the actor is aware of the audience’s presence.  Through this the student will learn the difference between acting for a straight dramatic play and a musical.

Saturdays – 9:45-10:15   Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13     Fee $90.00  Class size- 12


Storytelling with Music- Grades 1-4

Through improvisation and theater games the students will create their own story to tell. They then will add music to it to enhance the fun and movement of their production.

Saturdays-  9:00-9:30 Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13  Fee $90.00 Class size- 12 


Acting for Film- Grades 9-12

Students will learn the difference between stage acting and film acting. They will then create a story line for a short film, write the story board, record and edit video for the film.  This class will be taught under the leadership of Peter Katona. Peter majored in Film & Video Studies at the University of Michigan where he entered the Honors Screenwriting program and produced film shorts on 16mm. Since then Peter has produced and edited films for a variety of sources, taught film theory and production classes, and has worked professionally on a feature documentary.  

Saturdays – 11:30-12:15   Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13   Fee $ 120.00  Class size- 15


Directing Workshop- Grades 7-9

This class will explore the work of the director, ranging from approaching the text, to articulating an active point of view for a production, to working with actors in rehearsal.  Students will learn about stage pictures, levels, creating moments on stage and the act of storytelling.

Saturdays – 10:30-11:15  Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13    Fee $120.00  Class size- 15


Jungle Book Online – 10 – 12 yrs old

Jungle Book online– Grades 5-7 This class will create their own adaption of Jungle book with all your favorite characters like Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli, Shere Khan and a multitude of jungle friends. A virtual presentation will be shared at the end.

Mondays – 5:45pm to 6:30pm   Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13   Fee $ 120  Class size- 12


Aesop’s Fables 6 – 10 yrs old

Aesop’s Fables- Grades 1-4 This class will have great fun role-playing the different characters in these fables while learning lessons like kindness, slow and steady wins the race and always believe in yourself. This class will conclude with a virtual sharing.

Mondays – 4:15pm to 4:45pm   Beginning Jan. 9- Feb. 13   Fee $ 90  Class size- 12


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